Stuff my son has put into other things. A photo journey.

I looked everywhere for these!  Couldn’t imagine how I’d managed to lose pajama bottoms.

A baby Teva in the dishwasher?  Might not be a bad idea…….

Can’t find the tarragon for your recipe?  Look in the bookcase.  Duh.

This kid is industrious.  Must have been up on his tippy, tippy toes to pull this one off!

This one could have been a nightmare.  Luckily I found them when I wasn’t looking for them.

Another disaster averted.

The trash can is now closely guarded.

$11 and the nail clippers.  In the blender.  

The T.V. remote is now closely guarded.

Bathroom fun…….

He fits himself into a lot of places too…..

I’d like to put him in my pocket!

Heather Bogolyubova

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Heather Bogolyubova has an un-pronouncable last name. A Maine native, she's returned to the Pine Tree state after several years in New York. Now, she's a newlywed, has a new baby, a new job, and lots of fancy shoes she can never wear in the snow. The job: Stay-at- home mother and wife. Its hard. She's going to tell you all.