What I did on my summer vacation

By Heather Bogolyubova

What didn’t I do, ladies?  What didn’t I do?

Let’s see, where did we leave off….ah, the Fourth of July.  My second favorite holiday.  In fact, it may even have moved into a tie for first with Christmas because of the opportunity it gave me to dress my son like this..

It’s truly the holiday that keeps on giving.

In other Luka news, he suffered his first bad, lump inducing fall.  Almost no tears!  What a trooper .

He discovered a culinary delight that gripped him so forcefully, we resorted to hiding it in the back of the fridge and only referring to it by its’ Russian name, arbuse.

The sweet, sweet, juicy goodness that is……watermelon.

He ate that whole bowl.  In like, ten minutes.  And laughed and sang the whole time.

He had his first Happy Meal.  Yes, yes, a Happy Meal.  I couldn’t help myself.  And I couldn’t bring myself to cook anything that night.

He got a new nanny, named Stephanie.  She’s been a great addition to our family!  Here she is helping Luka play “belt”.  She’ll kill me for using this picture, but it’s somehow the only one I have thus far.  Trust me, this doesn’t do her justice.  She’s a looker.

Her legs are as long as my entire body.  Just saying.

We played outside in the sun, and took day trips to points along the coast…

It was a fun summer, if a bit stressful.

We moved from a rental house that we had hoped to buy, to another, smaller rental house that just doesn’t work for us long term.

Then, because it makes so much sense, we bought a little summer house in my hometown on the coast of Maine.   I’m super excited about that.  The place needs loads of TLC and I’ll share the “joys” of the transformation with you.  And hopefully get lots of your great ideas and advice.

Also upcoming:

I’ve got some Fab ‘Other Mother’s’ for you to meet.

I’m going to share my ” Worst Mother of the Summer Moment” with you.  Don’t turn that dial, its a doozy.

Luka and I are going to become somewhat nomadic.  And I’ll explain what that’s all about.

I’ve got an idea and this time, I’m going to volunteer to be the volunteer.  I’ll roll this one out soon, I hope you guys think it will be as fun as I do.

I’m going to keep on pestering you about sweet Baby N and his Mama Tona.  He needs to be brought home very soon.  His life depends on it.

Aaaaaah, it was a nice break, but I missed you guys. Let the over-sharing begin!

Heather Bogolyubova

About Heather Bogolyubova

Heather Bogolyubova has an un-pronouncable last name. A Maine native, she's returned to the Pine Tree state after several years in New York. Now, she's a newlywed, has a new baby, a new job, and lots of fancy shoes she can never wear in the snow. The job: Stay-at- home mother and wife. Its hard. She's going to tell you all.