Here’s what I won’t do:  Age gracefully.

Why?  Why should I do that?  Ask anyone who has aged, or is aging- it sucks.  It hurts.  It’s unfair. Really awful things happen to your bowels when you age.  Why should I act gracefully towards something as hateful as that?

Nope.  Aging and I are going to duke it out.  You want to prevent me from having another baby, age?  Huh?  Fine, I’ll destroy the signs of you on my face.  Ha HA!

I turned 40 in February and now it….is……ON.

Round 1:  The deepening furrows between my brows that, now permanent, prevent me from even pretending to not be irritated most of the time.

Here’s what I looked like the morning of the injections.

See those evil lines between my eyes?

Here I’m trying really hard to relax my face and look like I’m nice.

Not an easy tack when the two opposing sides of my forehead are trying to kiss each other.

And now?  I look like…….



Hee hee.  Well, sometimes I do.

Okay.  And now?


I look like…..




Okay, seriously…..

And now?

I look like…..


Isn’t that better?  See how smooth and relaxed my face is?  Don’t I look more pleasant?  Wouldn’t you rather be friends with this chick?  I would.

Verdict:  I’m really, really happy with the results.

Has anyone else noticed that I have the eyes of two completely different faces?  Go back and check it out.  I like the one with less eyelid better.


Heather Bogolyubova

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Heather Bogolyubova has an un-pronouncable last name. A Maine native, she's returned to the Pine Tree state after several years in New York. Now, she's a newlywed, has a new baby, a new job, and lots of fancy shoes she can never wear in the snow. The job: Stay-at- home mother and wife. Its hard. She's going to tell you all.