Song of the Summer


If this summer taught me anything, it’s that, if I could, I’d go back in time and kill Psy before he recorded Gangnam Style.

I wouldn’t make it quick or painless.

Three short months ago, I was blessed with ignorance where Psy and his stupid, goddamn mega-hit were concerned.  I was aware that there was something called ” Gangnam Style”,  but I honestly didn’t know what it was.  Only that it was something big, and popular and professional sports teams were making videos of themselves doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not suggesting that I’m above this kind of thing.  Au Contraire!  While the rest of the world was horse galloping to Psy’s “K-Pop” beats, I was no doubt watching Bridezillas.  Holla!  I somehow simpy missed the furor.

For a time.

I don’t know when Luka first saw Gangnam Style or how, or from who, I only know that once he did, it gripped him, body and soul.  He is completely obsessed, nay POSSESSED by a fever for this f*#ing song!

The Good:

He’s shown an admirable dedication to learning the Gangnam Style dance.  With no help from anyone, he’s taught himself to do a pretty damn good version of it, and it’s absolutely adorable.

The BAD:

He does it constantly. Constantly.  All jokey blogging fun aside, I’ve been a little concerned at times.  He wants to listen to the song All. Day. Long.  Everyday.  For months now.

He busts his moves everywhere, and for everyone.  We live in a popular summer tourist destination, and I swear to god, if I had placed an empty hat in front of him, down by the town pier, we would have made a killing.  I’m certain that many in his charmed audience wondered sadly why this sweet boy’s mother watched him with such a look of fear and irritation.

His first words in the morning are ” Gangnam Style”.  We fight all day about how much YouTube time he can get on my phone, scrolling through and watching every freaking video that features Psy.  I’ve seen Psy commercials from Korea- in Korean, of course.  Psy documentaries, Psy interviews and countless, countless, Gangnam Style covers.  EVERYone did one.  Everyone.

Here’s Luka Gangnam Styling in the grocery store…

Here he is entertaining the unsuspecting vacationers….

And here he is Gangnam Styling with a shopping cart on his head..

What more can I say?

Oh wait, I know!  When is it going to END??

Hope you all had a terrific summer.

Heather Bogolyubova

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